• Start your preorder by picking an animal from the list below and be sure to include their name and number in your email. By pre ordering your order will take priority during the building process.

  • Please refer to the photo for a basic sketch of each of the Potted Ploppers. These sketches do not reflect what the Plopper will look like as a final product so please do not rely too heavily on their sketched appearance.

  • All the totals next to the Ploppers are in CAD and they are only estimates. I will send you your total if there are any customizations made.

Untitled_Artwork 50.jpg

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  • This is where you can add a little flair to your Potted Plopper! These are the things you can request:

    • Your favourite colour for your Plopper to be glazed in (Free)

    • Eyes expression-winking, sleeping etc...(Free)

    • Adding a Drainage Hole (Free)

    • Custom Hat- Pointy, beret, baseball cap ($20) 

      • Additional details on the hat (painted on)- flowers, smiley faces, logos (+$5) ​

      • Additional details (sculpted on)-(+$10)

  • Customizations allow you to personalize and express yourself through your Ploppers whether they are for a gift or for yourself.

  • Once all details are confirmed via e-mail I will respond to you with your payment options.



  • The hardest step of all! After all the details have been ironed out all you have to do now is wait. Here is a basic rundown on how long it might take for your Potted Plopper to get ready before they embark on their journey from my home to yours!

    • The Base Body: Generally all their bodies require 3 days in total to sculpt and smooth. Unlike other ceramic pots the Potted Ploppers are hand-built and not thrown meaning they are not spun on a wheel but instead made from slabs or pinch pots. 

    • Faces, Accessories etc: Attachment time to each pot varies but it can take up to a week to add on the details

    • Fire, Glaze, Fire: Currently I fire at a local studio this means that a lot of my products varies on their firing schedules so this process can also take up to a week or more. 

  • Overall your pet may take up to 3-4 weeks to be fully finished. I will also have pre-made pieces up for purchase but they will be based off my own design and no customizations. 


  • After a good night's rest we will pack up your friend and send them off to embark on their journey. After they have been shipped off I will send you an e-mail notifying you of their departure, along with a tracking number so you can watch them as they travel.

  • I will send you a follow up e-mail to also ensure you have received your friend. 

​Unfortunately after an order has been made and the Ploppers have already plopped down inn your home they can NOT be returned, refunded or exchanged.

For any orders outside of Canada please notify me in your e-mail that you are not a Canadian resident. Rates and Charges will differ.

Thank you for your preorder request!